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Up until a couple weeks ago, my Regal could open the garage door from down the street. Now I have to be right in front of the garage door and sometimes I can't open it at all. The openers that came with the garage door opener have also lost range, but at least they can open the door from the end of the driveway. I called the help line of the garage door opener and they told me it must be interference which I don't believe because it happened all of the sudden. I think something has degraded on my garage door opener receiver, but it is almost impossible to get them to honor the warranty.

Has anyone experienced a problem with the range on their Regal? I have an EZ-pass mounted in the windshield but it never caused a problem before. Thanks.


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I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I've noticed that the range tends to be a little better when I hold the button for a second or two as opposed to just quickly pushing the button.
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