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Hot air drivers side


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I have hot air blowing from the drivers side and lower vents. I had a similar problem last year and a freon charge fixed it, but this is a bit different. The colder I set the temp control the hotter the air gets, even on vent setting. When I move the temp setting to 90 it still comes out hot but the right side vents seem to close off. Will my scanner be of any help diagnosing rhis problem?


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There are 3 or 4 actuators. The actuators have small electric motors and plastic gears, and that is what moves the climate control doors. One or more of them are broken. The electric motors give out, or more frequently, the plastic gears break. Whatever position the door is in at the time, well, it stays there. Dorman makes replacements.

1995 BUICK RIVIERA 3.8L V6 Heater Blend Door Actuator | RockAuto

See this thread on www.rivperformance.com. BTW, the best site on the planet for the 95-99 Riviera.

Write-Up: HVAC Assembly

Liver lips

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Yeah gear in actuator is stripped out I just had to do the one of my old man's Regal. For that one they sell more expensive one for the automatic climate control and a cheaper one for the manual control. You can buy the cheaper one and just take that gear out and put it in your old one and it should work. At least does for the Regal They had a different electrical connection but use your old one it don't matter. just the gear that strips out the actuator is actually still good. I believe there was a hundred dollar difference in the price of the two
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