How do you replace the battery on a 1996 Buick Regal?

Ashley H

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Its underneath the window washer fluid, with a huge bar bolted on top of that..... anyone know how to do this ??


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yea, all that junk has to be removed out of the way, the bar has to be removed,that giant bolt has to be removed too, it disconnects battery so you dont short system(cause ground and power to contact, makes alot of sparks, damage) then there's the battery holddown to remove and then can pull out old battery and reverse process


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Removing the strut is not a big deal - just three bolts (IIRC 15mm).

THe washer fluid bottle if you have to move is just held in with one 8mm nut and a tab that slips into a bracket. It just has to be moved not completely removed form the vehicle.

I just did the battery in my 97 about 20 minutes start to finish.


Not rocket science, but the same work only takes 5 minutes on every other vehicle I've owned. Not sure what they were thinking when they came up with this design.


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1996 Regal Custom Sedan - Granny Car w/65k
Yeah, It's a Love/Hate thing..
Buy best battery you can afford.
Thoroughly clean cable connections, replace if needed..
I bought the top-of-the-line, highest amp hour, Duracell Gold AGM battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs... Luckily, the previous owner had recently replaced the battery cables...
Getting wrenches/sockets into that tight space for the connections is a pain also.. Found a slim side terminal battery ratchet wrench at Harbor Freight for cheap, and it works Awesome..
I splurged on that battery because I use/charge a Lot of devices with my lighter socket, and added power port outlet.. Plus I also installed a 1000 watt inverter in the car... My last regular battery would deplete too quickly.. ... The new battery, being an AGM, not only can handle my demands, it also charges 5X faster...
The Key point of all this is to minimize having to tear all that apart again to replace it... although I have it down to a science now....
Make sure to keep ALL the tools necessary for the job in the car.. Just in case....

Think of it as a theft deterrent.
Could be worse.. Coworker had a Dodge Stratus... On those you have to remove the front tire to gain access, and replace the battery from the inner fenderwell...
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