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How To: Instrument Cluster Removal


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2019 TourX
Made the swap today. Not horrible. I had trouble with the connector on the engine start button, gave up and left it dangle. I pressed the button that would normally disengage it but no such luck. Center trim piece was a bitch but didn't break. My 2019 only had one wire to go to the back of the cluster, the other port is there but maybe for a HUD? On the TourX there is just barely enough wire harness to reach the cluster and still be able to connect it. When it's back in place I imagine there is enough slack.

Went back together easy enough, the steering wheel trim was a little tricky - there are some alignment posts that have to be lined up under the cluster before it will seat correctly. I should have taken that piece off when I did the steering wheel swap. If there's one thing I'd have done differently is I'd have done it outside. Even though my garage has a lot of overhead light, I even opened the sunroof, I think more ambient light would have helped. Have a flashlight handy.
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