How to replace side view mirror on 2012 LaCrosse


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I did passenger side mirror a few months ago. Thought I posted a summary but must not have. A few tips I can remember:

- The GM OEM mirrors and housings are superbly engineered. Don't get aftermarket; either buy OEM from GM or from junkyard. OEM mirrors also have a lot of foam to reduce road noise.

- Used OEM complete mirror cost me about $75 shipped.

- There are glass replacements if you just want to replace the glass. Removing the glass takes extreme care or the glass will shatter so use caution.

- If you are just replacing glass, non-GM mirrors may be lower quality. I replaced outside mirrors on another car and the thinner non-OEM glass was a bit wavy...rather irritating.

- There are a large number of replacement mirrors based on car options, color, side, lights, alerts, etc. See RockAuto link to help you make right choice.

- Replacement of the mirror was quite easy and I avoided taking the entire door apart. See buickforum links below

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