HUD randomly stopped working - 2013 lacrosse


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I was just wondering if anyone had any issue with their hud randomly failing. I have not had any issues with the hud until one day it would not turn on. It was always bright during the day and never seemed like it was dim. The page function worked, height adjustment, brightness, but one day when I turned the car on, the hud would not turn on. It seems like the controls still work because I can see and hear the motor inside for the height adjustment work when I push the buttons.

I was just wanting to know is there any way to diagnose this? Any tips at removing the hud module? Unfortunately I haven't purchased the service manual for this vehicle and always hated removing dash components without any guide. Any help would be awsome. Thanks.

Rich B.

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That’s a reflection/projection of coarse. Have you cleaned lens at all; located in dash ahead of speedo hump. Mine’s in the recessed section there, pretty sure.