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2015 Turbo, 40K miles: for the last 6 months or so, I have sometimes heard a a clearly noticable humming sound, apparently from the driver's side of the engine compartment. Hum is only heard when I am stopped while in Drive (such as at a stop sign or light) - as soon as I accelerate or let the RPMs rise by putting it in Park, the hum goes away. Turning off and on the A/C compressor does not consistently affect the hum. I've heard it in warm weather and cold weather. The engine runs smoothly during the humming and there's no vibration felt on the steering wheel or brake pedal.

Today, I took the car into the dealer (before my warranty ran out) and, of course, there was no hum to be heard. We drove and stopped it all around the parking lot - nothing. The service guy told me that he'd have to hear the hum in order to make a determination about what to fix, so couldn't help me.

Anyone else have a similar hum? Do you have a cause or a fix?



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next time you hear it have someone sit in the drivers seat with the car in drive, open the hood and try to determine the source of the noise. You can use a short piece of rubber hose to act as a stethoscope to isolate the source.


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My wife had loose fenderwell that would get harmonics at idle and a rattle hitting bumps at speed.
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