ignition lock cylinder?

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2003 Rendezvous Problem- parked vehicle and tried to switch off , only with great difficulty was able to switch off, but not completely as the battery light still on. Is hard to switch on and off, is it the lock cylinder? How to replace ?
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I replaced a couple many years ago on GM cars... If the new cylinder key has a chip, you'll have to program it yourself... It's a time consuming procedure to program a new chip/key but not hard.

Get at the cylinder you'll have to remove the plastics on the column. Can have hard to see/recessed fastners... I never did one on a rendezvous but GM cars from that era are similar.

You'll probably also need a torx key for one of the screws around the cylinder, but not sure what size or if you'll even need a torx.

Just gotta get motivated to do it. It's not very hard but can take time to figure out a thing or two.

You should be able to get a cylinder with keys from the wreckers for not much.

You never know if it's something small that's the problem until you get inside there.
So you might not even need to change the cylinder if you're lucky.
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