Intake manifold torque specs... too many to choose from


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I'm having a hell of a time finding the proper torque specs for the L27 (series 1) intake manifold, for both lower and upper. I see tons for the series ii, since it's common for them to need replacement, but not much on the first one. I'm digging through old posts that say 132 in-lbs, and all in between. Autozone has their own repair guides that say 88 in-lbs for the lower and 89 in-lbs for the upper... so it's all over the place.

Also, I'm gonna link an image from the Autozone repair page for this block, which is showing two bolts that need 19 ft-lb on the upper intake, which is a lot more than the other neighboring bolts... but I've seen no other guide mention this step.

Does anyone know the actual torque specs for this thing? I've already done this job once and had internal leaking, so I'd love to get it right this time.

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