Intellilink Bluetooth Issues


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2015 Buick Regal Premium I - 2.0L Turbo
I have a 2015 Regal.
I upgraded my HMI & Radio Modules so I could have Car Play and Android Auto in my car.
You must be Plugged in to USB in order to use CP or AA.
At the time I had an iPhone 7.
One day I couldn't connect to Car Play with my iPhone 7, I messed with it for a very long time trying to fix it
I thought I finally had it figured out that the Lightning Cable had a Break in it, so I purchased another Lightning Cable.
Replacing the Lightning Cable seemed to fix my problem at the time.

I recently purchased an iPhone 12 Pro.
I Removed my iPhone 7 in Bluetooth Setting and Paired my New iPhone 12 Pro.
The iPhone 12 Pro and the New Lightning Cable had been working Flawlessly since my purchase about 3 months ago.
Then all of the sudden the other day I couldn't connect to Car Play again.
I played around with it for hours and couldn't get it to work.

The next day I decided to give it another go.
I purchased a New Lightning Cable and hooked it up, but it didn't work this time around.
For some reason I noticed when I Plugged or Unplugged the iPhone to the lightning cable
it wasn't giving me the Notification that the phone was Connected or Disconnected from the Bluetooth.
When everything is working correctly, I get this notification.

I went straight to Bluetooth Setting and found there were two iPhones listed.
They both said that they were my iPhone (bugspop1's iPhone), but 3 months ago there was only one phone listed.
I was able to connect to one of the iPhones Listed, so I kept that pairing, but the other
iPhone couldn't connect, so I removed it.
Next thing I knew Car Play was working and I was receiving the Connected/Disconnected messages again.

What I figured out is that the Night Before I had Downloaded and Installed the 15.1.1
Update, then the next day I started having these problems!
Not sure if this update had something to do with the second iPhone showing up or not, but it wasn't there 3 months ago.
When I installed my New iPhone 12 Pro, there weren't any phones showing, let alone one that was paired!
Car Play and Bluetooth have both been working just fine the last two days, it wasn't the Lightning Cable as I'm back to using the old cable.
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