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Intellilink intermittent shutoff


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2012 Buick Verano
I just purchased a 2012 Verano and shortly after messing with the infotainment system I noticed it shuts of and reboots after some use. There are certain tasks that woll cause it to shut off and other times it may just be pressing the menu button. I’ve read as much I can about what the possible fix could be but was just curious if anyone’s found a fix for this. I’ve removed the fuses that control the system as well as disconnected the battery to no avail. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.


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I had this issue on my 2016 LaCrosse. The dealership could never get it to do it when it was there. I turned it in (lease was up) and it was still doing it.


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Have a 2012 Verano and unfortunately I can tell you if your radios are displaying these kinds of issues or starting too, it's pretty much the end of the road for it anytime. Same exact problems I started with: black screen, icons disappearing, Bluetooth not responding, Navigation freezing intermittently, rebooting etc and over time got worse and worse until it completely died last week. Had the radio replaced last week at the cost of $1857 Canadian or $1400 USD . Sorry folks, but there's no repair or software update to fix. I had the latest software and exhausted every avenue to save me from getting a new one too no avail. Even called York electronics who GM outsources the radios for programming and purchasing. Nothing anyone can do but a whole new unit. Trust me on this!!!! GM should of put out a recall long time ago, but unfortunately won't happen.
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