Intellilink upgrade to support Apple Carplay? And DVD question.

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I just purchased a 2016 Enclave Premium. The Intellilink system has navigation and DVD for the 2nd row ceiling mounted screen. I'd really like to get Apple Carplay in the system. Does Buick/GM sell any current upgrades to the Intellilink system to add Carplay for my car year?

Also, does anyone know if folks in the back can watch / listen to a DVD using the wireless headphones while I listen to XM or radio via the main Bose speakers?
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On the Apple Carplay, there's been some updates on newer Buick models, but you will find out that unlike the real OS systems companys, Windows, Apple, Android, the GM system escapes all logic with mid year changes and no legacy support just to name a few. You can try and contact a dealer to see if any firmware / software updates are available, I'm may put it at doubtful but it's worth a call.

Aftermarket may also be limited but something may be available for your year. I know Crutchfield and Sonic Electronix have some add on upgrades for factory units, but most of what I've seen is for adding audio inputs sources.

On the XM DVD question, trying it may be the only way to know for sure.
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