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hello all,
I just joined this forum. I know this is a popular subject and has been covered a lot, but I hope you don't mind if I rehash it. My son, a college student, has a 2001 lesabre limited. When the ac is on, cold, high velocity air comes out the passenger side vents, ambient, low pressure comes out the drivers side. I located and can easily remove the glove box actuator. I located the 2 drivers side actuators after removing a couple of panels, but I think removing those 2 are beyond my realm of expertise! My question is, would it be worth my time and money to replace the right side actuator to see if that would solve my problem, or do I pay to have the drivers sides actuators replaced? Or is there something I haven't thought of doing? And if I get the green light to replace the passenger side actuator, does that need to be recalibrated?
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