iOS 15 breaks Intellilink USB music connection?


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2015 Verano Turbo
There's talk on Facebook's Verano group that the iOS 15 update causes music, etc., to not play via the USB-lightning port cable connection (but the phone still charges via USB). Bluetooth Audio still works (but doesn't sound as good, at least with my Bose system). I haven't updated from iOS 14 yet, so I'm still good, but my daughter's 2014 Cruze has the issue with her iOS 15 phone, so this bug seems to be affecting more than 1 GM line. Has anyone here experienced this issue and, more importantly, found a fix? I saw a suggestion to turn off the software equalizer in the phone, but that didn't work for the Cruze. Hopefully, it will be addressed in an iOS update since there is certainly going to be no update for our Verano's Intellilink.

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