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Hello all, I am currently diagnosing an issue with the key-in reminder chime on my 1997 Park Avenue Ultra and could use a little help with it. So what is happening is that the chime to remind you to take your keys out of the ignition does not work UNLESS you move the switch to the ACC position. but if you go back to the Lock position, the chime stops again...I would like to get this fixed if I can because I hate forgetting my keys in the ignition, the last thing I need to do is lock the car with the keys in it...Also, I don't know if it is related but also the interior lights only come on occasionally when you turn the key from the run to the off position, I can bump the key back to on, and then off and the lights will come on as they should. I'm not sure if this is meaning I need to look into a new ignition cylinder or what. But any help will be greatly appreciated on this matter! Thank you!


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I'm leaning towards the adjustment of the actual electrical switch as mentioned by Mel. Might even be quite worn.