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I have I recently discovered water leaking into my back seat. The dealership looked at it and said my roof had warped/dented and was causing a space between the roof and the roof rails. They were unable to do anything about it and referred me to a body shop to (1) remove roof rail, (2) pull out the dent and (3)replace the rail if needed. I do not have extra money right now. I am considering using silicone to seal the gap (due to the space causing the leak is very thin). I would like to remove the roof rail/rack myself, however I do not know where to start. I cannot find any instructional video on how to remove this type of railing. Any advice?


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I’d go another route; I’d seal it from the outside, but without silicone. That stuff doesn’t like UV rays. Clean the roof skin and rails like you’re gonna do surgery up there. Then I’d mask away from the bottom about 1/8” on the roof skin, and about 1/8” up on the side of the rail. Use 2” tape. Thank me later. Then I’d use B-1/2 aerospace sealant (1/2 means you get about a 1/2 hour work time at 72 degrees ambient). Mix just enough of the sealer to do the work (if you’ve never used it, be EXTREMELY careful - it’ll get on everything!) and force it into the gap all the way down the tape line. Tongue depressors work very well for this - and for mixing the sealer too. Overfill the area once you’re done, then push it into the crack again, but leave no voids. It’s just like caulking a countertop. Pull the tape off immediately and let it cure. The best solvent for it is MEK, and that’s only until it cures, so don’t get it on anything else. It’s a UV resistant, permanently flexible sealer. I’ve used it on literally hundreds of aircraft. Go here: that I’ve written all this, something occurred to me. You could try “Flex Seal” with the same technique. I don’t know how effective it is when it‘s spread thin or it’s longevity, but it’s worth mentioning. I’ve repaired many things with B-1/2, so I’m kinda biased that way.
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