Looking at a 2009 CXL


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I'm seriously kicking around the idea of a 2009 LaCrosse CXL from my wife's grandparents. Yes I am looking at buying a car from old people. The car has less than 9,000 miles on it in the 3-ish years they have owned it. I am looking for something with a nicer, smoother ride, quieter interior. It's not my ideal car as I am a wagon guy having a Pontiac Vibe currently and a Mazda P5 prior to the Vibe. I drive alot, in the neighborhood of 40,000 miles a year. I know I will be sacrificing some fuel economy and some "hauling utility" with the Buick. But I should be gaining in the miles on a car. Current Vibe has 216,000 miles. The P5 I got rid of at 270-280. I do most of my own maintenance and repairs.

I have a few concerns because they lived on a dirt road so it already has a rattle in the dash somewhere. The undercarriage should be cleaned so I can see if there is any concern there. Living in Michigan we use ALOT of road salt in the winters. The LAX is quieter and having torque is something I haven't had in my vehicles in years. The wife has an 08 Vue V-6 with some get-up to it. I know the 3.8 is "old" technology but it seems like it is certainly tried and true. No fancy gimicks to get power. I've even seen some reviews/reports where some are getting 30+mpg on the highway and I do alot of highway miles. Even my Vibe only gets 31/32 on long, long trips. My commute to/from work I'm closer to 30.

Anything I should be looking at? We are still discussing price. Looking at Edmunds/NADA/KBB all gives me vastly different values and then compare them to what dealers are showing. I know the danger of deals with family too...
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