Looking for DIY to remove/replace daylight running light


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Buick Regal GS
One of my Daylight Running Lights has burnt out. Anyone have any experience replacing one? 2012 GS with just under 80k miles. Shop wants minimum 1 hr to remove/replace. Wondering if I could do it myself.


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2012 Buick Regal GS
The DRL in the GS are LED and a strip of them across the top of the light. If all are out, assume an electrical issue....not a bulb. The headlamps are known to get water in killing the HID and aren't cheap to replace as a whole (700+). They are sealed and having some trouble understanding what the shop will be doing (checking electrical and fixing etc)?

An hour of their time to track down an electrical problem (pull bumper, remove light etc) seems inexpensive.

Forgot to mention, if it was just the DRL and everything else was fine, would probably kill the other side. That assumes it wasn't an easy fix.
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