Lucerne upgrading front stabilizer sway bar, parts list


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Parts needed
Item Stabilizer Sway Bar
Part# 25895208
Quantity 1

Item Stabilizer Link
Part # 25715934
Quantity 2

Item Bushings
Part # 15852293
Quantity 2

Item Stabilizer Bar Bolt
Part # 25605055
Quantity 4

Item Stabilizer Bar Bracket
Part # 25699779
Quantity 2

This is a replacement for the stock front stabilizer bar, simple installation as a direct drop in but see other GM videos as it does require the rear of the subframe to be dropped.

Depending on how and where GM measure these the stock is 29 mm / new 33.5 mm, along with the STB upgrade the front end is stiffer and doesn't wander reducing that body roll feeling.

This is a 2007 CXL 3.8L upgrade as to other years and engines it should be possible but it would need to be confirmed. Most parts are available new, but it's may take some time to find the front stabilizer sway bar is off of Ebay new stock.

I'll be looking at the rear stabilizer from the rear armoured/hearse DTS *yellow which is looking like a possible fit but no specs are available so I may take a guess and see what shows up.


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Have you looked into a front strut tower brace possibly from another GM vehicle?
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