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Hi. I have a 2013 Buick Lacrosse with 106K miles. I received a check engine light and found I had a error code P0174 which required me to change the Mass Air Flow Sensor. After changing that sensor I found the check engine light still illuminated. Dose anyone have any ideas on how to fix this. It would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Very plausible the code relates to the MAF circuit but the problem lies elsewhere. Example: Had a car and the MAF wasn’t doing the cook off to decontaminate the calibration wire after use. Not MAF, computer wasn’t grounding the circuit to do the cleaning. Yes, fixed myself but that was when factory manuals could be had (‘87 Corvette).


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What is the new code?

On our 2.4L eAssist, the sensor provides both typical MAF data and intake temperatures. When I cleaned the MAF last autumn, the check engine light illuminated showing issues with intake temperature. I removed the connector to the MAF, removed some of the dielectric grease and code disappeared. Problem was that I either put too much dielectric grease in connector or did not seat the connector properly.

Not sure if your engine has same MAF scheme.

BTW - You should be using GM OEM MAF here as cheaper ones fail immediately or within a short period of time. If you have the original, cleaning with special MAF sensor cleaner and letting air dry completely often solves MAF sensor issue. You can test the MAF using on-line guides.
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