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Monroe Suspension Conversion 2008 Lucerne CX


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I replaced the factory air shocks with Monroe 90007C suspension kit because the car rode rough in the back and sat too high.It rides better now but actually sits higher than before.Measured wheel gap of other cars at approx. 2 3/4".Before conversion my car measured approx. 3/12".After conversion approx. 4" gap.Will the car settle over time.Could the car have the wrong coil springs or something else that I am missing?GM lists about 6 different coil springs for this car.


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From other reviews on these they do state that it does sit higher than stock. They may settle down somewhat after awhile, sorry no real time frame but 30 days may be enough time. The stock coil springs are fine and unless you can find one with less windings they probably won't make a difference. Monroe has replacement air shocks if it gets to be a problem.
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