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Hello. My name is Sal Collaziano. I'm the owner and operator of the Buick Owners Group domain and website. While I may not be at the forefront of all that's happening in our community - I do have the final word on important decisions. That being said, I have a few important standards for how I expect things to be run around here. So here is my pledge to you...

- I pledge to assure you of a clean and comfortable community environment.
- I pledge to promote diversity and respect for all human differences.
- I pledge to provide prompt, friendly and courteous service to those who need it.
- I pledge to respond in a rapid, sensitive and non-confrontational manner to requests that will enhance your experience.
- I pledge to provide you with an experience that will encourage you to return.

I also expect this from our members and our team. And I expect this community to be taken care of in such a way that we can see continued growth, support and the formation of brand new relationships for many decades to come. If you are NOT having a positive experience here, then *I* am ultimately the person you need to speak with. Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to send a message directly to me.

Thank you very much! And have a wonderful day/evening ahead…


Sal Collaziano
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