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Nav Update


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Has anyone had their nav updated thru the dealer? Mine is a 2015 Enclave that needs to be done thru the dealer. They take the vin, order the stick then they down load. First try failed, I was told GM sent them a bad stick. Blamed it on the strike. Some cockamamie story i did not understand. Ive been waiting over 2 weeks for a second try. So has any one had any luck with their dealers. My wife's 14 Lacrosse was easy. I sent to GM for it, it came and i down loaded it. I don't know what the deal is with the Enclaves. Sorry wrong page. Any way it can be moved
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I was able to update the nav myself by ordering the USB stick directly from GM - it does require that you provide the VIN. But since I've switched over to Waze and to a lesser extent Google Maps, I rarely use the car's NAV system any longer, so the $100+ I spent on the USB stick was sort of wasted.


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FYI - I just updated the NAV software on my 2013 LaCrosse Touring to the latest version for my VIN. New NAV version is 2017. Cost $159+shipping ($10) it comes on a USB stick. It will tell you this below when your checking out:

Click the link GM | Link below, have your VIN handy and it will tell you if you have a newer version able...

QuantityProduct descriptionPriceTotal
GM - Connected Nav Radio System Map Update (13) V.2017
Item #: 84024267
Vehicle Identification Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx
$ 159.99$ 159.99
Delivery method: United States Ground

Link: GM | HERE


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Wow, that's nuts paying $159 for a map that is that old! I'd stick with Google maps (free) or get any number of budget GPS devices (can get a nice one for the $159) that offer free LIFETIME maps and in some cases traffic is included.

Don't waste $159 on ancient maps.
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