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Need Help 89 Century Wagon 3.3L stalling


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I have a 1989 Buick Century wagon with the 3.3l v6. I bought it for my daughter and the guy I bought it from said that the crank position sensor was bad so it would intermittently stall. He had paperwork from a reputable mechanic shop, so I took his word that was the issue. I had it towed home and replaced the shocks/struts and the CPS and it started and ran well. I drove it around quite a while and no issue, so I gave it to my daughter. The next day it started randomly stalling, then wouldn't restart at all. I put a new fuel pump and filter on it and it ran great. I drove it 40 miles and no issues so I gave it back to her. the next day it stalled again. I tried to get it home, but after the third time it shut off driving down the road I couldn't get it to restart. So, I just had it towed home and put it in the garage.
I see a lot of people online inquiring about this problem with these cars and wonder if there is a specific thing that anybody has found that is causing it. The CPS was broken (aluminum holder) when I got the car and assumed at that point that the old man was correct with his mechanics diagnosis and I replaced it. But it's hard to pinpoint any specific event or time because the stalling is completely random. And, sometimes it starts right back up and sometimes you have to sit there a few minutes and then it'll go. I've seen a lot of chatter about this online, but haven't really been able to find a definitive answer to what is causing the issue , and from what I see it is a very common issue with these cars. Any info would be appreciated....20180708_130639.jpg


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One slightly common problem is the replacement part itself as getting a aftermarket parts house brand seems to be a hit or miss. The other area is wiring and conections, can't say that these are going to be the answer just options for review. As the CPS may have been from a scan dianogist or a visual inspection, it could be addtional items but that depends on how deep the shop got into it trouble shooting.