Need help with my 2015 Encore


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2015 encore
A few months ago the security indicator light started to randomly come on when I would start the car. I would hit the panic button and it would go off and everything would be all good. Now all of the sudden every time I get in the car I have to jump start the car because it won’t start. Please help


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Magnetic Hill, New-Brunswick, Canada
2016 Encore
How's your car battery? Is it the original? Today's new cars don't run well with a dying cell or dead cell. A car battery has 6 cells of 2.05 Volts when fully charged. So 6 X 2.05 = 12.3 Volts. If you lose a cell your down to 10.25 Volts. Some sensors need a regulated 11 Volts to work properly. Not saying this is your problem for sure but I think you should get your battery tested. Or at least measure the voltage with engine not running. Turn lights on for 30 seconds, battery should stay at or above 12.3 volts, if it goes down to 10.25 you need a new battery.
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