Need help with my Buick LeSabre

Would like some answers and help to why my car is running sluggish why I'm having problems with the

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2005 Buick LeSabre custom
So me and my wife were having problems with our 2005 Buick LeSabre custom every once in awhile we have erratic shifting were jerks forward and then sometimes the car are the motors like getting way too hot and so it runs sluggish I'm having problems with my mass airflow sensor in air intake system it has 200 almost 20,000 miles on it it's a great car wheel of the car but there's a lot of things that are starting to go wrong with it or relay switch for tail lights only turn on overhead lights don't work so I have to see me reggae every time I turn on my headlights after Jimmy rig the fuse any ideas on what I could do would be greatly appreciated thank you


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sounds like you have multiple issues. The transmission may need to have the fluid changed, also the TPS can cause shifting issues. the overheating could be because you need the coolant changed, maybe a new water pump. Mass Air Flow sensor can be cleaned. Be sure to use M.A.F. Cleaner ONLY. other stuff can easily ruin the sensor. make sure the cleaner is JUST for MAF's. No idea on the electrical problem. You need to have professional diagnostics run.


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The jerk or hard engagement in shifting between forward gears may be the worn pressure regulator valve that sets code P1811 if I'm remembering. It only happens after the engine and transmission are well warmed up and usually in city traffic speeds where the heating is greater. The pressure solenoid valve doesn't have the ability to adapt the pressure on the shift solenoids to keep the shifts smooth, adaptive shifting. So the long time for the shift is sensed and the pressure goes full pressure to ensure positive engagement shifts and protect the transmission.

If you turn the engine off for 30 seconds and then restart it, if the hard shifting is gone for a while, that helps verify the problem. It is not something worth repairing at 200 K Miles, which is what I think you mean your car has on it now.
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