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Need help with my mothers 2018 buick regal sportback


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2018 buick regal
My mother has a 2018 buick regal and at about 5000 miles her front driver's wheel started shaking violently so she took it back to the dealer and they told her that there was a slight bend in her rim and my mother treats this car like a baby and she knows that she didn't hit anything we live in Wisconsin and are roads suck but we have not had this problem on any other vehicle and since she couldn't prove it she went ahead and paid 500 hundred for a new rim because it was realy had to drive and a week later all four tires except the one she just replaced and so she took it back very angry at this point and they did the same checks and they said that the foam inside the rim had came off and is now spinning inside the rim causing in to be unbalanced so she had that replaced and now at the 40000 mile I took it for a ride and parked it at freinds house everything seemed fine but the next morning took it home and all four tires were shaking at around 50 and as you speed up it got worse and I know I didn't hit anything dose anyone know if there is recall on those rims... thanks


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My Tour-X did NOT come with the ContiSilent tires and I was upset about that, however now that I’ve seen so many people having problems with the foam inside coming loose, I’m glad I have the regular Conti. I’ve never had any problems with the regular Conti’s


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2018 Regal Sportback
they said that the foam inside the rim had came off and is now spinning inside the rim causing in to be unbalanced
I had this problem when I first purchased my Sportback. The dealership removed the foam. I was told if I wanted to replace the tires it would be a prorated warranty(I would have to pay a partial amount). I wasn't going to replace the tires with a potential future problem though.


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Since there's 40k miles on her tires, I'd just replace them and be done with this nightmare. Also, I'd ask/demand that dealer give a refund since they were clearly mistaken on the wheel replacement...and jeebus at $500??? That's an insane ripoff imo. I've seen those wheels going for <200 each.

Also: from what I've seen on tire site reviews (granted, about a year ago), I remember the CS tires are not that highly rated. I haven't had any issues with mine, other than a nail pull/puncture which was successfully repaired about 10k miles ago. If it plays out that they treat me well long-term and still give good traction, I'd consider getting them again. But I lean toward Conti DWS or my go-to for the past 13 years: Bridgestone Alenza HL+. Those Bridgestones (and Michelins) are on special every other month at Costco if you have one where you live. Good luck, sorry to hear all this and keep us posted.
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