Needing help and or opinions on my 2009 Buick Enclave


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2009 Enclave
Okay to start off I bought my 09" enclave a year in Feb. 07, 2019, and yes it was used and had right at 200,000 something. The check engine light wasn't on at the time of purchase. After driving it for about a month the check engine light came on and I took it to a local shop and the said it had a bad oil leak and the o2 sensor needed replaced and so both of those problems were fixed. Well then the check engine light went off and not long after about a month or so the check engine light comes back on. I take it back to the shop and they think it is the coil pack that needs replacing and then they will also have to replace the o2 sensor they just replaced as well. Well at the time I couldn't afford to get the coil pack so I kept driving it (my mistake I know). Then it started missing and acting light it wasn't wanting to shift out when it was accelerating. Then one day not long after I noticed the missing i was on my way to work and going up a small hill and my vehicle wouldn't go over 25 mph. I would push the gas and nothing would happen. So them my husband towed it to Lucky's in Monticello where the original owner bought the vehicle and I an now told that all 3 of the catalytic converters are stopped up. they are wanting $3500 so my husband was recommended this place in Pine Bluff close to where he works and they are quoting us about $900 or so. Well they said that they are only going to do 2 of the catalytic converters and not the third...???? Does this make any sense i mean why not fix all three since the car was made with 3. Will i have problems in the future? Please someone help this is mine and my daughters only way to go and I am stressed to the max.
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