New radio and cigarette lighter sometimes work and sometimes don't.


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I have an '07 buick lucerne that was having issues with the factory amp, so we ended up installing a new radio with all new speaker wire to bypass the amp, and also problems where the cigarette lighter would sometimes work and sometimes not work. Before the radio was replaced, only the cigarette lighter would go out, but now that we replaced the radio, both will go out and come back on at the same time. It usually takes a couple hours of non usage to start working again, and never while driving. All fuses and relays were checked for damage but none seem to be damaged. However, the relays do seem to get hot after the car runs for a bit, not sure if that is an issue. The main problem is that I don't know why the radio and cigarette lighter go out at random times for some period of time, and why the new radio goes out with the cigarette lighter when the stock radio didn't. Thanks for any help.


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I would start by inspecting the inside of the "power port" or whatever it is called. Doubt you have a cig lighter port.
Mine ('11) is on a slope and things can get in the hole. I had a dime get inside my last car = Lin Cont. It did have a cig lighter port. OLD SCHOOL THING.
If nothing is in the port, disconnect it to eliminate it from the circuit.


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You may want to check the ground wire, as the positive may read correctly when using a tester as you are creating a ground, the ground wire may be loose or cracked internally. Depending on how much you want to play around with this you could put in a temporary ground on the cigarette 12v power and see if the problem goes away. Getting a wiring diagram may help in the chase but it will only show where they are, not what is wrong, but let's you see where to inspect.
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