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New Regal GS owner...three days and ' someone "(neighbor in duplex) trying to steal my turbo if not More...?!!! Please help!sos


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Hey guys,

I hope this is okay but I am really at a loss of where to turn. I live in a house I've been in for over 18 years and I've recently been having some major issues with neighbors is a very passive aggressive kind of way. To get to the meat of what is going on and why I'm messaging you, I have had to purchase 4 or 5 vehicles now in the last two or three months and sell two of my own. A Jeep tj 97 and a Toyota Avalon. Basically I have some neighbors who like to play games and mess w my stuff. Trying everything to cause me to loose my (fill in the blank) with one of them.

So I recently like four days ago drove to south east Texas and picked up a 2013 Buick regal GS. And my neighbor in the duplex I live in, has been on my radar for suspected events lately. But basically I drove this car home to fort worth , and never had I felt such precision snd power. Well I mentioned and he saw of course the regal shortly the next day.

And well now three days into owning it, I feel no boost or pull or really any sound from the turbo. Please be understanding as I have never owned a turbo boosted car so I don't know much at all. But as far as I can tell by his comments about how he has a boost leak on his bmw.

Seems like it started as what u would imagine a boost leak and some of intake horses already to be half taken off. Now it makes no boost at all. I am going to attach a picture of the engine compartment as of this evening. Can you if you have a chance take a look and tell me if something is gone or incorrect?

(Edit already:)

As I was taking these pictures I found a piece of what looks like heat shielding or foil if some kind shoved down into where the hood latches closed. I'm guessing that must tell the car the hood is closed always. I noticed the day after I got it that someone had hit the front bumper on the corner pushing down the gap between the hood and the bumper. Allowing what looked like someone to reach between with some type of tool and snag the hood latch lever.


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Did you have the car checked by a shop before or after you bought it?
Do you have a check engine light on?
Do you lock the car and thus activate the security system which includes the hood?


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No check engine lights at all. And I def lock the car and it locks itself.

I have since learned of what is called key fob relay hacking. And believe this is the way and main method my neighbors have been using to gain access to my vehicles. Primarily the ones with keyless entry and push button start.

Not sure if I mentioned this but I also found a piece of heat shielding (metal tape like material) wedged down inside the hood latch catch area of the hood. Thus shorting the hood latch sensor and letting the car think the hood is always closed. Like I said these people are pretty devious and really persistent at gaining access to my property. I just don't know how to catch them or prove it. Cameras don't work.

Next is a nice aftermarket alarm and I returned the car and am looking to buy a white one w manual 6spd in next few days if all goes well. That one will not enter my neighborhood without pre installed alarm system and etched engraved parts and marked torque adjustments.

Live and learn I suppose but really wish numb nut neighbors could stay in their own lane and off my 🌭....if I hit these brembos too hard they'll be liable to end up needing to be removed surgically.


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I would be looking for a new house over a new car. Or installing working cameras.
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