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Newbie roadmaster owner


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1995 Buick Roadmaster Sedan
Hey guys! Im new to the forum. Im 22 years old and I bought a 95 light adriatic blue roadmaster a year ago. It was a barnfind that had 18,000 original miles on it (original owner drove it for 12k and passed away, nephew took it and kept it in garage for most of its life, then i bought it), now it has 27,000 miles. I have the base model but the original owner bought it new from the factory with options (limited slip diff, leather seats, key fob, bigger radiator, leather steering wheel). I guess my question is this, what are some common roadmaster suspension or mechanical issues you guys have found on your RMs? My problem is the car sat for lots of years and cars dont like to sit, so im wondering if I should service my fluids earlier than the book says to be safe, and do early preventative maintenance? So far since ive owned the car, I did inner and outer tie rods, center link, went to do idler arm but new one didnt fit right, 4 new shocks, ac compressor and accumulator and orifice tube (compressor clutch blew on old one and ran dry for a while, theres lots of metal in the system so I disconnected the electrical on the new one to not ruin it), oil cooler line, new pads and rotors in front. I plan on doing all ball joints closer to summer, but mine are in okay shape, im not too sure about the wheel bearings.
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1994 Buick Roadmaster Wagon
Wow you've had to do all the things I had to do at 160,000 miles! Yes go ahead and do wheel bearings. It would also be smart to flush and replace all of the fluids. Brake, trans, the whole lot.

Congrats on the great find!


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1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra (Supercharged) , 1977 Buick Electra Limited (350 SBB)
I'm lazy, I just take mine to my mechanic and they go over it with a fine toothcomb.

I don't have a wife (anymore) so now have the money hahahahaha.
Id be hard pressed to trust any mechanic. If I cant physically do it or mentally do it, i failed anyway and dont deserve it(joke) but I am the kind of person to learn how to code to reprogram a PCM lol. also a joke but im cheap