No sound out of front left speakers.


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2015 Buick Verano
I have a 2015 Verano Convenience Group model. I bought it used and didn't notice it until a few days later that I don't seem to be getting any sound out of the left dash speaker or the left front door speaker. I adjusted the sound all the way left and forward and that doesn't make a difference at all. Center speaker in the dash seems to work find and all rights and left rear speakers seem to be ok. Anyone have any ideas? I saw someone say to "reset" the audio on here. Going to look to see if I can find out how to do that as well as check the config in XM versus FM, but anything else I can check before I run it in to the dealer?


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If you are not hearing any chimes aka warnings also it may be a shorted or loose wire connection on those speakers which is something that can be repaired. Unfortunately the other problem is that it's in the system and that channel is gone. I'm not familiar on the reset for this vehicle so that may clear it up, hopefully, if not checking the wiring at the door first and then under the dash might be the next step. If a previous owner made any changes not much any one on the forum would know what to do. Can't say if it's a possibility of a warranty as I don't know how it was purchased.