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Not a buick, but still hilarious!


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Sorry guys, I know its not a buick, but i think some of you racers might like this one. Too good not too post. :)

So were driving home from the beach yesterday on a conession highway (80km/hr) in a completely stock, 2003 Saturn L200. I notice a VW Jetta, all done up, with a fart can exauhst (of course) With a couple young teens in it... We pass it, make fun of the fart can, and were driving along. We come up to a red light, the Jetta SPEEDS beside us, and starts to rev the piss out of his engine. Of course, i started laughing at him...He goes to roll down his window as to say something, but rolled it back up, he revs his engine again.

So the light goes green, and of course, (my boyfriend driving) we take off perfect, The VW squeaks his tires for a good car length, we got too 80km right quick, and he was still 5 car lengths behind.

Oh boy, was he ever pissed. I was laughing so hard. He kept trying to get in front and flashing his four-ways, speeding lane to lane, he wanted a rematch, but nope. We won fair and square!

If you don't know how to drive, you probably shouldn't race.
Twas the highlight of my night :) hope someone on her gets a laugh out of it like we did.

Cant wait to take on some of these little fart-can lovers in my roadmonster. haha!
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