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Not able to use Siri via Bluetooth since iOS13.X


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2018 Regal GS
This problem had been coming and going, but lately its persistent. When I long hold the TALK button on the steering wheel, it used to invoke SIRI via BT and I'd speak my commands. Worked flawlessly. Since iOS 13, SIRI bleeps, acknowledging me, but as I speak, cancels itself.

The FIX I discovered was to UNPAIR and delete the phone from the car, and the car from the phone, and re-pair the two. That worked until the next iOS13 update (which happened frequently last September, just after release).

It's happened again and now my FIX isn't working either. Anyone heard of this? Know how to fix it? Know if its an iOS or Buick BT issue? I'd welcome any guidance. TIA.


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2019 Regal GS
I had an issue upon upgrading to an iPhone with Face ID where Siri kept telling me I needed to “unlock my phone first” and then immediately disconnecting any voice session.

Took me a bit to narrow it down to a privacy setting. I needed to enable the phone to always show previews of text messages on the lock screen before I was able to interact with Siri via Bluetooth and have her read text messages. It has been working just fine since then.
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