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occasionally need jumping


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My 17 Verano dies constantly needing a jump off but they say its not my battery however now my system screen is blank. How do I get my screen back up and running without having to bring it back the dealership? What could be causing my battery to die from time to time?


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Regal GS 2017
has the battery been load tested?
has the charging system been tested?
has anybody checked for loose battery connections?


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2013 Verano Premium (2.0T, AT)
If I have a blank screen in my car, either DIC or Infotainment, then it is going back to the dealership.
Unless you are more of an advanced DIY mechanic, odds are you are not going to fix this yourself.

If you have not exceeded the warranty mileage limit, then the vehicle should still have an OEM warranty.
4 yr/50,000 mi basic, 6 yr/70,000 mi powertrain.

With that being said...

Why do so many people with active OEM warranties seem reluctant to take their vehicle back to the dealership for actual repairs? A notable part of the selling price for a new/newer car is the OEM warranty. If something is wrong that is not obvious and/or that you cannot fix yourself, then by all means take it back to the dealership. Don't be afraid to use that warranty... you paid for it..
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