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I've never touched Amsoil. It was impossible to find back when I first heard about it and I'm not a fan of their distribution model (MLM). I only run Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic in all my vehicles. 324,000 miles on my 2007 Suburban and 185,000 on my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500. I replaced the valve cover gaskets on the 2007 Suburban last year and there was not a single bit of buildup anywhere. Other than having the slight yellow color, it was as clean as the day it rolled off the factory floor.
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My brother runs it in his plow trucks. Claims he doesn't have to add oil between changes like he did with other oils.

I run Mobil 1 because it is so readily available. Have driven a couple of GM 3800's well over 300k with the Mobil 1.

I do use the Amsoil ATF. 2 people that I know with heavy diesel pickups with transmission temperature sensors have told me that the temperatures in their transmissions dropped significantly with the Amsoil ATF when they were towing.


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My 2500 HD with an Allison trans and fluid temp sensor/gauge, never goes above 180-deg using Valvoline Max Life and regular external filter, no matter what I pull. I pull a 5500k camper through the mountain passes in the spring & summer! .
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