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My 2012 Buick Verano Premium 2.4L has been experiencing oil consumption just a little before the 10,000 km mark. I have been always cautious about it, but would always just top up and make sure i put the best 5W30 Full Synthetic oil In (Pennzoil Ultra Platinum or Pennzoil Platinum), Shell's V-Power Premium Gas and changed oil at 6,000 km intervals regardless what the oil life monitor % says. Even went as far to changed all 4 Spark Plugs at 50,000 km just for fun and the old Spark plugs looked fantastic with little black on them when removed. Now as of early September 2016, I enrolled the vehicle in the GM Oil Consumption Program because I only have one year left on Power-train Warranty and Bump to Bump Warranty has just expired as of August 2016. Further more i decided enough was enough, my oil is to expensive and Power-train warranty is gonna expire next year this cant be normal and could cost me money later on down the road. 1500 km into the oil consumption test, i'm down close to 1 quart, not looking good as i heard GM's normal rate acceptable ratio is 1.25 L every 3200 km. Well by the looks of it as its going this far, i will be passing the 1.25 L in 3200 km acceptable ratio. Please note, car has only 53,000 km to date and does not leak oil, no blue smoke or excessive smoke, under carriage is flawless and runs like the first day i got it even better. Minus the oil problem :( . The tail pipe stainless steel piece always has heavy black soot and it spits black water on the garage floor. i have never had a car be like this. i'm no mechanic but the oil is obviously getting burned out through here and its evident. Check and monitor your oil people cause i don't think its just my car, i bet you its a lot of Verano's 2012-2016 2.4 L out there its just i own and baby my car and pay close attention. Enroll your Verano in the program just to be safe, you'll thank me if you own this vehicle outright!! Any Thoughts??


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GM does have a known problem for 4cyl oil consuption. Usually when the timing chains stretch in the GM Terrains. May be related to the 2.4 verano engine as well. If you fail the oil test at the dealer. they will fix the problem. If you are super worried about and want a replacement. do an oil change yourself before going into the shop to get the test done, and keep 1qt out. Then they will record 1 qt low, and then top it off ;)
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