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My wife has a 14 Encore with about 80,000 miles. I do the oil changes, etc. A couple weeks back I noted some oil on the front of the motor towards the front. I was thinking maybe I spilled some at the last oil change. So I cleaned it up and moved on. Last Friday I get home from work and where she parks I see oil on the floor of the garage. Not just a drop but several spots. I call her and tell her to check the oil level cause she's definitely leaking oil. I'm thinking maybe I didn't have the drain plug tight or the cartridge filter might have pinched the o-ring. It is low on oil but at the bottom of the "normal" zone so I tell her to drive cautiously home (it's not far.) She gets halfway home and calls me. The car is smoking and she's parked in a parking lot. I grab some tools and head to meet her. I get there and see oil coating the entire underside of the car. The plug is in and tight and it's not leaking out at the filter. I top off the oil and tell her to get home. We schedule an appointment for a local garage for late Saturday afternoon. She has to work on Saturday and takes my car so I do some internet sleuthing and knowing that the Cruze has the same motor I look for oil leaks on the Cruze. I find a couple mentions of the oil feed tube. I jump out to the car, take the heat shield off, clean up the front of the engine, then start it. Instantly have oil pouring out of the feed tube where it connects back to the engine. So I have identified the source. I make a call to the one Chevy dealer that has an open parts department and amazingly they have the part. Under $40. She picks it up on her way home and in 10 minutes I have it replaced and no more oil leak. We cancel the appointment with the shop and I spend a couple hours trying to clean the underside of the car and my driveway and garage floor.

So just a note to others, keep an eye out for a little bit of oil seepage at the front of the motor. It's a cheap and easy fix and we got lucky. The o-rings both looked like they had been worn but the inside where they sit is smooth and free of burs.
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