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One Speaker Not Working Park Avenue


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05 Park Avenue
I was at my breaking point. The driver door component speaker not working was pushing me to edge. It had disrupted my equilibrium. I set out to fix it and called upon the parts cannon. New factory headunit, new factory amp (Concert Sound III), new speakers all the way around. Consulted the GM service manual to no avail. Scoured the internet, nothing. Here’s the fix. The wiring harness that goes through the door (in my case the driver door) had a wire that had split itself in two. I pulled back the sheathing and found the little fella broken in half. Luckily I had taken the door off (story for another day) so getting all up in there was easy. I will attach a picture showing where the harness is located and where I found the severed speaker power wire (light green for Concert Sound 3). Hopefully this will help someone because this was the post that I needed to figure it out and restore my sanity.



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Welcome to the forums & thanks for all the details! You seem very determined to have resolved the problem & restore that speaker! Good job and this thread may help others here with the same problem. (y)
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