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one week and one day later of ownership update


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Buick Ownership
2012 Verano - Cyber Gray
1200 km on car. Last 200 km where straight highway and the car fuel consumption was 6 liters/100 km or 38 mpg (US). Driving at 90 km/hr or 56 mph. WOW!!! Calculation done manually at pump.

Overall city/highway is 7.5 liters/100 km (31 mpg US). I have been doing about 30 city / 70 highway split.

Bought rubber mats for the front....aftermarket.

Bought genuine Buick trunk mat.

Fixed rear buzzing noise in back dashboard from stereo base by placing a firm sponge between the metal back dashboard and the back dashboard covering placing it in the middle.

Waiting for Genuine Buick molded splash guards to be available from dealership.

Lost XM radio and had to call in to have a refresh done. I found out I can do this online myself now.

Activated Onstar.

Waiting for locking gas cap to be available from dealership.

Have backseat seat belt buckle on recall and dealer called to bring car in.

Have nitrogen in my tires and I call bogus on them. The tire pressure fluctuates just the same as my other car that does not have nitrogen in them. Supposedly, nitrogen is not as susceptible to temperature changes as regular air that you pump in your tires. The air that is pumped into your tires is already about 78 percent nitrogen.

Once fall arrives, winter rims and tires and that is it. :D

Oh yeah, I have noticed that the speed performance is really improving all around. I can hardly wait for my first oil change to put in synthetic oil.



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2012 LaCrosse Touring, 2014 Encore Prem AWD
Nitrogen pressure does fluctuate like normal air. It's claim to fame is that it is 100% dry so adding it will not add any moisture to the inside of your wheel. Apparently standard compressors often create very wet air which can actually build up in your tire and throw the balance off as it collects over the years of topping off. I've read that tire guys have sometimes found quite a bit of water in a tire that hadn't been changed for a while.

Also n2 doesn't not leak through the tire wall nearly as quickly as air and the tire will maintain it's proper pressure much longer. Instead if losing a lb/month it might only be a lb/3 or 4 months.

Why on earth do you want a locking gas cap? Live in that bad a neighborhood?
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'15 Encore Premium FWD White Pearl/Saddle (wife's car)

Cyber Grey with Medium Titanium interior with cloth.
That is an excellent color combination. Gives the Verano a very "sophisticated" look. I like the cloth/leatherette combo very much - we have it in my wife's Summit White/Cashmere.
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