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Ongoing Issue


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2017 Buick Encore
I have a 2017 Buick Encore that I have had just over a year. I bought it with maybe 300 mi on it, as it was the dealership loaner vehicle. I had an issue with my rear backup camera where I would get a blue screen at times and other times I have a clear view and it'll say Rear Camera needs service. I have had the issue twice, and the dealership has replaced the camera no questions asked. My most recently replacement was about two or three weeks ago and it's already doing it again. Anyone else had this issue and found it to be something OTHER than the backup camera causing the alert? Thanks in advance!

David Lopez Vargas

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Garfield, NJ
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2017 Buick Encore Essence AWD w/ 153hp
It might be a recall that the dealer hasn't checked yet. some of the Encores (most 2017 models) have issues like this. I've had radio issues with mine so I understand the frustration. have them check deeper into it because it can be a recall that's rare.
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