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This afternoon, on the ride home, I hit the onstar button to register for the push on contest. I did it from my wife's Acadia as that's what I was driving at the time. Her onstar service has been expired for a number of months now.

The woman who answered was super friendly and said yes, we have a contest running, can I sign you up. She got me squared away and said we also have an offer for you. I had in mind what would come next but they offered me 6 months at no cost for the safe and sound package. Of course I said yes to that. She also offered me 60 minutes for $5 but I turned that down as my wife used her minutes up the first time thinking it was her cell phone when it was her onstar account. I should have given her some instruction other than just push this button and make a call.

They told me they were going to activate the car for me and in about 3 mins I'd hear a message saying all was done and it would hang up on me. About 3 mins later I get a tech support person on the line. He says there is a problem and they need to update some software on the vehicle first. He is messing with that for probably 10 minutes or so and then he comes back on and starts talking to me and bang, I loose the call with him.

He had asked me for my cell number to call me back, so he gives me a ring back and says he's really sorry about being disconnected and for the long delay and this issue they gave me 3 more months of safe and sound at no cost. Wow, what a great deal.

While I'll not keep the service after it expires, I thought the customer service and the ability for the individual to do something to correct an issue they felt was negative was great. So few people get to make those decisions at the first level and it was great to see that from them and completely unexpected.

So I'm sitting happy for 9 more months. Now I just have to wait a few more weeks as my LaCrosse just ended and they haven't disconnected my onstar yet. I'm sure that will happen in the next week or so. I'll then push my blue button and see what comes next.

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