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OnStar Guardian App


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I am one of the foolish that signed up for OnStar when I bought my TourX in 2019. This is the first car I've had that has this feature (or the like) available so I thought I'd give it a try.
Needless to say, I have not used it other than for the iPhone app features (checking tire pressure, fuel level, mpg, etc.)
Last month, I received an email from OnStar that the new OnStar Guardian App would be added to my account for which I would be charged $5 additional per month.
I called right away to cancel and was told I'd have to wait until April 1st.
I called yesterday to cancel (just the $5 Guardian App) and was transferred to "the customer loyalty department".
I was then informed that I could NOT cancel the Guardian App as it was part of the "essential services" package.
Needless to say, my blood pressure went up many points and steam began blowing out my ears.
What we CAN do (she tells me) is give you a "promotional rate" for the next 12 months of $31.99 per month (which is what I've been paying since I signed up).
I reluctantly accepted this "plan" but was really tempted to tell them to cancel the whole package.
I was actually a beta tester of the Guardian App and found I really had no use at all for it or it's features.
Before I made the call yesterday, the Guardian app notified me that "Beth's battery level is at 9%"
I don't know who Beth is and this clearly indicates to me that their app has some security issues.
Needless to say, I've deleted the app from my iPhone and will never use it again.
OnStar is worse than cable companies when it comes to high-pressure tactics.
They don't even let you do anything with your account online (like change plans, cancel, etc.)
You HAVE to call them so they can high-pressure you into staying on with them.
Oh yes - and you would THINK that with COVID restrictions on travel, they would cut their customers a break and either reduce the monthly fee of waive it for a month or two.
Don't even THINK of signing on for OnStar. The only thing it MIGHT be good for is accident reporting (if driver can't do it for themselves).
Like I said at the beginning - I was a FOOL!


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OnStar has multiple plans, have you tried switching to a lower tier plan. I have basic OnStar and also received an email about Guardian but was not forced to pay for it.


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You can get plan with just the connected vehicle which still lets you use the app butyou don't get the accident reporting. I think it's little cheaper.


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Just be firm and tell them that you want to cancel the service.
I am proud to say that I have not paid a penny to them.


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But wait there's more......
Lol I think auto insurance is more of a scam, shooting rates 2x high, regardless of if a driver is "high risk" or simply made a mistake at the wrong place and time. And every time I move address, the rate just goes up because of "higher risk in the neighborhood", despite the fact my third address was identical to the first one 'cuz I moved back lol

I'm paying an entire car's worth of insurance every 10 years. I don't think that I will wreck a car every 10 years in any statistical model. Only accident I've ever had since I was able to drive in 2014 was being rear-ended by a stupid teen at a red light, after a 5-second full stop.

Sorry for the rant
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