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2001 Park Avenue
I just replaced the catalytic converter on my 2001 Park Avenue. I was really hoping to smog this car, however, I got a P0410 check engine light for secondary air injection system malfunction. I checked the secondary air injection pump. It was seized. So, I cleaned it out with brake parts cleaner, which freed up the pump. I then tested the pump with a 9 volt battery and it now blows out lots of air. I put the pump back in and verified that it turns on at a cold start. However, I still get the P0410 code. The catalyst monitor is also not setting to ready even after 50 miles of driving. I think the possible issues for the check engine light are the check valves or the O2 sensor. I am leaning towards the O2 sensor because the catalyst monitor is not setting despite a new catalytic converter having been put in. Has anyone had this issue before and what was their solution? Does this car have 2 O2 sensors in total?
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