Parting out Regal LS 97-98? I buy parts! (Grand Prix/Intrigue/Century may work)


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I am looking for a number of parts for Regal LS 97 V6 non-supercharged 3.8L.
Some parts from Regal LS 98 or 97-99 Grand Prix/Intrigue may fit too.
Sorry if this is off-topic here, not sure which section is best to post.
Need shipping to California (parts are small/lightweight, we could arrange payment via eBay or other reputable site - I have 100% rating on eBay).
Any advise on places where to search for people parting out cars online is helpfull as well!
Unfortunately, I cannot go to junk yard myself at present.

List of parts needed:

- Air Inlet Duct/hose GM P/N 25160785 (especially interested in this part, wide rubber hose between air cleaner box and throttle body, must have this part #). 97-99 Grand Prix/Intrigue/Century may fit too

- Air Intake Cleaner Metal Clip GM P/N 25043286
- Bolt for transmission mount (will send photo)
- Front fog lamp housing (passenger side)
- Cloth cover for trunk
- Rubber hose for windshield washer container in engine compartment
- Battery placeholder (with bolt)
- Rear-Left (driver) windows regulator/motor assembly (if cheap, otherwise will rather get it on Rockauto)

Will likely need more parts.
Thank you for reading!
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