Phone Call quality at highway speed?


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I purchased my Buick at a VERY large Toyota dealership, just one location of a large network of dealerships all owned by the same company. I would think they would have the means and infrastructure to deal with any government mandated reporting.

I've been a business application/number cruncher computer programmer for 30+ years.
Most any and all necessary business/government reporting can be and is handled electronically these days. Pretty much required and SOP for large businesses. And not a big deal if you have decent accounting software. Not saying that is doesn't happen, but for a business to refuse legal/legitimate $10,000+ cash sales because of the required reporting limit would seem silly.

I think in my case they were just angling for a slightly larger profit margin by orchestrating the loan.
If they got a percentage of my interest charges, then they didn't get much. :)
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The term "cash" has two meanings, one is with hard currency that will need to be reported and the other is by cashier's check, bank draft, traveler's check or money order which is exempt as it has, assumable by the bank institutions, been reported.

So paying in "cash" can be taken two different ways, but if by cashier's check, bank draft, traveler's check or money order and the dealer says that it is extra paperwork they are wrong if it's a single check on a single purchase. I did this a while back and not one word about extra paperwork or government reporting, they just took the money and I got the car.


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Kevin, I think what we're talking about is not if it's the quietest on the road, but that it's quiet enough for good call quality. And from experience I can say that it is.

Are there quieter cars? At this price range there better be quieter cars. But for what this is it's very quiet. Certainly quieter than most CUVs I've ridden in.
Thanks for the discussion on this. I ultimately leased a 2019 Preferred and agree with your entire assessment. Call quality has been good regardless of speed. Overall noise level is both better than my prior vehicles yet slightly worse than I anticipated given that reviews specifically commented on the quiet cabin.

It is actually probably quieter than I expected on the highway at around 60MPH, but wind noise increases a lot at 70MPH. My only call related noise complaint is that I'm told the turn signal is quite loud. I was excited to read the manual and see it is adjustable until I saw that I could only turn it UP...