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Pictures of 2 sets of 6T45 Solenoids, are they the same?


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Hello my fellow Buickster friends,
Is there any difference between these 2 sets of 6T45 Solenlids?
My Buick LaCrosse is a 2011 CXL 2.4L
The original solenoids where color black & tan, the ones I received from eBay are yellow green and black colors, theirs listing claims that they fit my 2011 LaCrosse and yeah they do... But now my Buick is shifting hard and shifts different than before.

Lacrosse Solenoids.jpg Lacrosse Solenoidss.jpg

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Seems to be a number off difference, like spark plugs. They’re all different heat ranges but interchangeable? Would think those are either on or off though, other than working opposite could see air pockets in tranny or try default setting (disconnect battery)?
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