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PIP5095E Fluid In Spark Plug Tubes 3.6 LGX


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Found this GM announcement while looking up something else and not sure if it's been posted.

Condition / Concern
Some customers may complain of an SES light with misfire codes or possible oil or coolant leak.

Recommendations / Instructions
On inspection you may find coolant or oil in a spark plug tube.

Determine if the oil or coolant is coming from the spark plug tube and not leaking into it from above.

If the Spark Plug Tube is leaking replace the Cylinder Head, spark plug and coil.
These leaks are caused by porous spots in the head created during manufacturing.

The spark plug tubes are permanently sealed into the head and are not replaceable.

If you replace a cylinder head for this concern, mark the faulty spark plug tube before sending the head in for warranty or core so GM Engineering or the re-manufacturing facility will know where the concern was.

Here's the PDF


  • MC-10129900-9999.pdf
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Steel spark plugs & aluminum heads are not friendly companions!
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