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I got a 2000 Buick century So my starter went bad but I thought it was a batt so I went and bought a new batt it wouldn’t start so I knew it was the starter so I bought a new starter and it started fine and ran good until it died again about 45 min of driving it was the batt that was dead and it was acting like a bad alternator all the signs of a bad alternator so I replaced alternator but now it’s still doing the same thing and I took the old alternator to the part store and they tested it and said it was good so it wasn’t the alternator at all does anyone have any idea of what it could be before I go and drop tons of money at a shop???

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I fell your frustration. It shouldn’t be this complicated, and yet, somehow, the parts are not working, despite being new, or tested good.

I just went through this on my Park Avenue: Replaced the battery, replaced the starter, getting ready to replace the alternator. Then the battery wouldn’t accept a charge while mounted in the car.

A friend helped me, and accidentally discovered the cause, when he removed and reattached the battery cables to install his test battery.

It turned out to be the negative battery clamp, which was the press fitted design, was shorting INSIDE the clamp. It was probably bad from whatever factory it came out of, and whatever gap was inside the casting only got larger, and eventually the spark would not arc any longer.

We put on a new negative battery terminal and it starts strong and runs smoothly again.
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