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Power steering problem.


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I have a new question, I've been trying to find information on this but can't find much about it.
When the car is stopped or at really low speed, like trying to turn into a parking spot, and try to turn the wheels, the steering wheel gets really hard, almost to the point where I can't turn it, or to the point where my wife can't turn it at all. It's kind of an intermittent problem since it doesn't happen all the time but it is really annoying and dangerous when it happens, once we get some speed it never happens, it works normal. My car has that steering assist or whatever it's called, it has that shock in the steering linkage. The fluid is good and there's no leaks.
Has anyone experienced this before? I've owned the car for a little over a month and haven't been able to look at all the issues yet. I'd like to get a better idea of what it could be before I start throwing unnecessary parts at it.
It's a 96 Roadmaster wagon collector's edition, 198k miles and aftermarket 16" wheels if it maters. Thanks everyone for your help.
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